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Stephen and Tammie in late 2005
This is my wife and I at the Columbus Zoo in November, 2005.
Welcome to the customized Web site of Stephen M. Brindza.  Here you will find my resume, late '90's graphics I created, and samples of how I can incorporate Javascript, as found in the javascript-activated buttons above.  Also included are the sample pages of a spurious Web design business.

Click on the SWS button above to visit the "Steve's Web Service" sample site I put together for a Columbus State FrontPage 2000 web class.  However, I once received an e-mail from someone who discovered the site while searching for actual central Ohio-based web page designers!  (I no longer design web sites.)

The designs page features some amateurish graphics based on the names of two domains that were owned by a friend of mine.  He abandoned those sites (too costly to maintain), but they gave me a chance to practice producing logos with Corel Draw and PhotoPaint.  So it's now 2021 and definitely time to update this 21 year-old website!

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